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Tree of the Week 

Mature White CedarAmerican Arborvitae/white cedar

Thuja occidentalis--White Cedar, American Arborvitae 

Hardiness Zones: 3 to 7 
Height: 25 ft
Spread: 10 ft
Form: narrow oval 
Type: narrow-leaved tree 
Annual Growth Rate: less than 12 inches 

Comments: The White Cedar is native in swampy areas in the northern US. White Cedar tolerates wet soils and will grow on sandy soil. The foliage turns to a greenish russet in winter, especially on cultivars with colored foliage. The species and its upright cultivars work wonders as a screening or definition tree, especially in areas too narrow to use pines, spruce and fir.

'Golden Globe' ('Globosa Aurea') - A uniform oval with foliage a soft yellow. 
'Hetz Midget' - A slow-growing, compact plant. 
'Little Giant' - A slow-growing, globe-shaped plant with bright green foliage all year. 
'Nigra' - A symmetrical form with good dark green foliage color . 
'Pyramidalis' - A narrow, columnar plant often used for screens. 
'Rheingold' - Yellow foliage that becomes orange yellow in winter. A slow-growing globe shape, usually reaching 4-5' in height and width. 
'Smaragd' ('Emerald') - Narrow habit with glossy green summer color. Reported as resistant to spider mites. Plants will be about 15 feet tall and 4 feet wide. 
'Sudworthii' - Upright, broad plant with striking yellow foliage. 
'Sunkist' - A compact, broad plant with orange-yellow foliage. 
'Techny' ('Mission') - A fast-growing plant with dark green foliage. Usually about 15 feet tall. 
'Tiny Tim' - A compact, upright mounding plant. 
'Woodwardii' - A rounded form that retains its shape without shearing. 

Emerald Arborvitae  Sudworth Arborvitae makes a great color splash in any landscape! Sudworth Arborvitae
Emerald Arborvitae

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