Shade Trees
shade tree

Our most popular shade trees include: Autumn Blaze Maple, Crimson Maple, Linden and Honey Locust. Our most unusual shade trees include: Kentucky Coffee Tree and Katsura Tree. And there are dozens more!

Most seasons, trees range from 8' to more than 30' tall.  Prices usually start at $189. Shade trees with more than 1 1/2" trunk diameter or 10' tall are sold by the caliper inch of the trunk's diameter. In some spring seasons, we have liner (bare-root) tree sales, with prices as low as $25!

We welcome your questions and look forward to helping you select the most appropriate shade trees for your  Southeast Michigan landscaping needs. Call Trim Pines Farm at (810) 694-9958 or email to check on current availability.

How big is a Shade Tree?
While nurseries use the trunk caliper to measure the age of a tree, height for a given age varies between varieties. For example, a crabapple might be 10-12' tall at 3" caliper, while an Autumn Blaze maple might be 20' tall.

Check out these potential dimensions: 
2" : 10-15' high, 4-6' wide 
2.5" :12-16' high, 5-7' wide 
3" : 14-18' high, 6-8' wide 
3.5" :15-25' high, often over 8' wide and very dense!

Please visit our Tree of the Week Shade Tree Archive for a partial list of trees we like to carry.