Ornamental Trees
ornamental tree

Ornamental trees can be small, medium or large. They may have beautiful flowers, interesting bark, outstanding growth habit, or even a dramatic leaf shape or color. Our most popular ornamental trees include: Redbud, Weeping Cherry, Crabapple and Flowering Pear. Our most unusual ornamental trees include: Contorted Hazelnut (aka Harry Lauder's Walking Stick), Purple Weeping Beech and Red Flowering Horsechestnut.

Gotta have it! Now available: 
Yellow Buckeye 2.5" up to 4.5"
Kousa Dogwood 6' to 16'
Serviceberry species both single-stem and multi-stem up to 20' tall

Trees range in height from 5' to more than 25'. Most prices range from $189 to $650. Shade trees with more than 1 1/2" trunk diameter or 10' tall are sold by the caliper inch of the trunk's diameter.

How big is an ornamental Tree?
Nurseries use the trunk caliper to measure the age and size of a tree, but height for a given age varies dramatically between ornamental varieties. For example, one crabapple variety might be 10-12' tall at 3" caliper, and another 14-16' tall, while a Jack Pear might be 7-8' tall at the same age.

We welcome your questions and look forward to helping you select the most appropriate trees for your  Southeast Michigan landscaping needs. Call Trim Pines Farm at (810) 694-9958 or email info@trimpines.com check on current availability. Please visit our Tree of the Week Ornamental Archive for a partial list of trees we like to carry.