Mulch can do great things for your soil and your plants. Double Shredded Pine Bark is the best mulch for most plants and trees in the abundant clay soils of Southeast Michigan. It has a rich russet color, and enhances the soil's acidity. It is not always available, so pricing and availability change frequently.

Double Shredded Hard Wood Bark is the second best mulch we use. It contains mostly bark and little wood (which are very different materials) and does not attract insects and does degrade into a great compost that benefits the plants in your landscape.

Wood Chips are considered a utility mulch, typically used in areas that are not for direct viewing, not close to the home, and are most beneficial to your landscape when we deliver them in an aged or partially composted condition.

Pine Bark call for pricing/availability
Hardwood Bark $35/yard
Wood Chips $20/yard
Delivery is available, as are large loads & installation.
Coming soon: Online ordering!

How much mulch do you need? Take a look at a calculator at the National Garden Association's web site. You'll be leaving Trim Pines Farm's site, so just click the back button to return to us!

We welcome your questions and look forward to helping you select the most appropriate mulch for your Southeast Michigan landscaping needs. Call Trim Pines Farm at (810) 694-9958 or email check on current availability.