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Types of Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Care and Safety

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Choose the type of Christmas Tree that's Right for You!

Most are available in sizes from 12ft to 25' or more.

Balsam Fir branch Colorado Spruce branch

Balsam Fir

This short-needled fir tree has a beautiful dark green color, accented by the blue-colored underside of the needle. Its fragrance has made it the tree most recognizable as a Christmas tree when people walk into a room. Needle retention can be up to several weeks.

2013: Available pre-cut; a few you-cut throughout the farm. Trees up to 30'

Colorado Spruce

Colorado Spruce has a very stiff needle and strong branches, which make for a very formal appearance. The tree has moderate needle retention as a cut tree, and can usually be used in the home for up to a few weeks.

Available in cut-your-own and fresh pre-cut.
Trees up to 30'

Concolor Fir branch Douglas Fir branch

Concolor Fir

Concolor Fir is a soft, long-needled fir. Its open branching allows for a good number and size of decorations, while its long needles provide fullness and a dense appearance. The Concolor’s citrus-like scent makes it a pleasing tree for indoors. It can retain its needles for several weeks.

Douglas Fir

The soft, delicate-looking needles of the Douglas Fir give this tree a graceful appearance. The tree is long-lasting and is a traditional choice for many families. The flexible branches are great for lightweight decorations.

Frasier Fir branch

Fraser Fir

A close relative of the Balsam Fir, Fraser has a stiffer branch and more formal appearance. Native to the Carolinas, this tree has become a very popular tree for large Michigan growers on sandy soils. It holds its needles for several weeks.

Serbian Spruce
Englemann Spruce
White Spruce

Most spruces are better cut later in the season. For a unique look, ask about these species when you visit!

Limited quantities Available up to 25ft

Grand Fir * Noble Fir
Nordmann Fir * Veitch Fir
Cork Bark Fir

These firs are more common in the Pacific Northwest, but we have a small selection of them scattered through the farm. All with dark green, long-lasting needles, each has a beautiful shape.

Limited quantity available up to 25ft

(Most Photos courtesy of The National Christmas Tree Association)

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