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Home Grown is an educational, entertaining, question-answer column seen weekly in "News from the Genesee MSUE Office," a weekly newsletter for Genesee County Master Gardeners. Special thanks to the Genesee, Oakland and Livingston county MSU Extension offices for providing this service.


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2005 Jan - Jun

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We've been providing "Home Grown" on our site since August of 2004, when we received permission from the author, Gretchen Voyle. Her advice is entertaining, timely and dependable. Here is a list of the columns that we have from July of 2005 for you to view:

07-07-05 European Chafer mating season - what's that buzzing noise? Plus: June drop in fruit trees: what does it mean?

07-15-05 Leather leaves on tomato plants - why, and what to do about them; moving - or removing - mature trees to make way for an addition; weed control in the vegetable garden

07-29-05a Brew up a batch of deer and rabbit repellant; Japanese Beetles on roses, and how to get rid of them

07-29-05b Brown leaves on maple in summer; When to pick green beans and watching for problems on zucchini plants

08-09-05a What to do about Fall Webworm in trees; How to get rid of fungal spots on Peonies

08-09-05b Bat, bat, go away; Using newspaper for mulch - is it safe for vegetable beds; Ugly slime molds in mulch beds

08-18-05 Getting rid of wasps; Why grass seed didn't germinate

08-26-05 Blossom end rot in tomatoes; Those purple spots on Black-Eyed Susans; Holes & sawdust in stacked firewood

10-24-05 How to know and avoid the poisonous Hogweed; saving dahlias through winter and beyond

11-03-05 Scary-looking black spots on maple leaves; the differing water needs of trees and grass

12-16-05 Water softener salt and landscape trees - a lethal combination; how to choose a good Christmas tree

12-16-05a Lots of bugs in the house? Little moths flying around, and spider webs in kitchen staples; what to do with your Christmas Tree after Christmas



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